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Discover the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen: An Ideal Companion for Farmington Families

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen at CarSmart

Seeking the quintessential family car that masterfully blends practicality, performance, and aesthetics? Look no further than the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, available at your friendly neighborhood dealership, CarSmart of Farmington. Catering to families not only in Farmington but also Fredericktown, Ste Genevieve, Bonne Terre, Park Hills, Hillsboro, Festus, and De Soto, Missouri, we're here to underline why the Golf SportWagen is garnering attention among prudent car buyers.

Embrace the Diversity: The Volkswagen Golf Lineup

The Golf lineage is synonymous with catering to a myriad of lifestyles, fitting snugly for those embarking on a new journey or the seasoned adventurers among us. The Golf SportWagen shines brightly for those in search of a reliable, versatile family car. Its design encapsulates a harmony of comfort and utility while not compromising on the distinct driving dynamics that have etched the Golf series a regular spot on Car and Driver’s revered 10Best list.

Unpacking the 2017 Volkswagen Golf Enhancements

Every new year brings a tide of enhancements, and 2017 is no exception for the Golf SportWagen. A noteworthy mention is the introduction of an all-wheel-drive system, bolstering the car’s stability and maneuverability, especially when treading on less-than-ideal road terrains. The SE and SEL variants have been imbued with a suite of proactive safety tech. Opt for the SE, and you could avail a driver-assistance package inclusive of blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and a pre-emptive collision warning with automated emergency braking. The SEL trim, on the other hand, extends these features as standard and sprinkles in parking sensors, parking assist, lane-departure warning, and automatic high-beams as elective extras.

CarSmart Pro Tip Of The Day

Navigating through the myriad of features available in modern vehicles can be both exciting and bewildering. However, understanding some of these features could significantly enhance your driving experience. Let’s delve into some notable aspects you might consider when contemplating your next vehicle purchase. Heated Seats are a game changer during chilly mornings, offering the warmth and comfort needed to kickstart your day on a positive note. Imagine a scenario where you're carrying bags of groceries. With Keyless Entry and Keyless Start, the convenience is unparalleled; a simple touch of the door handle unlocks your car, and a push-button start gets you going. Considering Fuel Types is critical. The MPG: 25-35 Fuel type may vary, but having a good understanding ensures you balance between performance and fuel efficiency. For the music enthusiasts, having a Premium Sound System paired with Satellite Radio is like having a concert right in your car, creating a driving atmosphere filled with your favorite tunes. Safety is paramount, hence, a vehicle with good Stability Control can be a lifesaver on slippery roads. Knowing the Safety Rating of your car is crucial to ensure you and your loved ones are protected. Front-wheel Drive vehicles generally offer better fuel efficiency and traction while driving, making them a great choice for daily commuting. The allure of Alloy Wheels isn’t just aesthetic; they are lighter and provide better performance compared to steel wheels. In the tech-savvy world we live in, having a USB Port in your car is almost indispensable for charging devices and playing music on the go. Before heading to the dealership, understanding your Pre-qualifications for financing can be a time saver and help streamline the purchasing process. For those yearning for a more spirited drive, a Turbo Charged engine provides that extra oomph, ensuring you’re not left wanting for power on the highways. Lastly, Dual Power Seats offer customizable comfort for both the driver and the front passenger, ensuring a cozy ride regardless of the journey's length. Equipped with these insights, you’re now better placed to pinpoint the features that resonate with your lifestyle and needs. At CarSmart, we are dedicated to guiding you through each step of your car buying journey, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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Powertrain and Performance Dynamics

Nestled beneath the chassis is a turbocharged 1.8-liter inline-four engine that pumps out a solid 170 horsepower, encapsulating a balance between punchy performance and fuel thriftiness. The new all-wheel-drive configuration injects a dose of confidence in your drives, rendering a poised demeanour over a variety of road landscapes. Transmission palate includes a five-speed manual for the baseline SportWagen, while a six-speed automatic lends an air of convenience. The all-wheel-drive models grace you with a standard six-speed manual, with an upgrade pathway to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic. Despite the incremental weight and length, the SportWagen maintains its nimble essence, ensuring a comfortable and well-poised ride amidst twists and turns.

Inside Volkswagen at CarSmart Of Farmington

Comfort, Cargo, and Cabin Aesthetics

Though not swathed in luxury, the Golf SportWagen’s interior impresses with its meticulous design and robust construction. The rear seat might feel snug for taller passengers, yet the base S trim's comfy beige cloth seats might just have you rethinking the need for higher-end leatherette surfaces. The SE and SEL trims elevate comfort with power-adjustable front seats, a panoramic sunroof, and the modern convenience of push-button start. A robust cargo space sets the SportWagen apart from its peers. While it may not rival the cavernous Subaru Outback, it certainly outclasses many in its segment. With cargo space that eclipses some crossover competitors and a significant leg up over the standard Golf, it’s a worthy contender for families with a zest for the outdoors.

Connectivity and Entertainment on the Go

At the heart of the cabin lies Volkswagen’s touchscreen infotainment system, marrying aesthetics with essential features. Although a tad sluggish in response, the absence of a native navigation might be overlooked with the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Car-Net system facilitates pairing of two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth, ensuring the whole family stays connected. The user-friendly design boasts an intuitive touchscreen complemented by physical buttons for main menus, enhancing usability. The proximity sensor is a neat inclusion, enlarging menu buttons as your hand approaches, even whilst on the move.

Safety: A Non-Negotiable Priority

Safety on the road is a paramount concern, especially for family drivers. While we've brushed upon the safety feature bouquet, we strongly advocate visiting the NHTSA and IIHS websites for a comprehensive insight into the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen’s crash-test outcomes. The 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen positions itself as a compelling choice for families in search of a reliable, versatile companion. Its harmony of performance, practicality, and affordability resonates well with discerning car buyers. Ready to explore what the Golf SportWagen has in store? Reach out to us at CarSmart of Farmington, and let us aid you in finding the perfect vehicle that resonates with your family’s needs. Your odyssey towards driving satisfaction is but a visit away.

Happy Volkswagen Customer At CarSmart Of Farmington

Conclusion: CarSmart Has Your Dream Vehicle

In conclusion, the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen emerges as a substantial choice for families yearning for a mix of reliability, versatility, and affordability in a vehicle. At CarSmart of Farmington, we endeavor to make your car purchasing experience smooth and rewarding. We are equipped to offer financing solutions for all credit situations, ensuring your dream car is within your reach regardless of your credit score.

We take immense pride in the quality of our inventory. Most of our vehicles, which are 10 years or newer and have under 100,000 miles, come bundled with a FREE Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, showcasing our commitment to excellence and your peace of mind. While our inventory is continually updated, there may be instances where the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen might not be readily available on our lot. However, fret not! At CarSmart, our extensive network and strong relationships with dealers and auctions across the nation empower us to source the exact vehicle you have your eyes set on. Our dedicated team will move mountains to ensure we locate and procure the vehicle you desire.

Your pathway to the perfect vehicle begins at our virtual doorstep. We invite you to visit our website and explore our current inventory. Discover the plethora of options awaiting you, and take a step closer to finding the vehicle that resonates with your family’s needs and lifestyle. Your dream car, be it the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen or another exceptional model, is just a click away. Your journey to unparalleled driving satisfaction is poised to commence at CarSmart of Farmington.

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About The Author:

Kevin Schingeck, born and raised in the heart of Missouri, has established himself as a trusted authority in automotive sales and financing over an illustrious 13-year career. As the General Manager of both our Farmington and Jackson, Missouri locations, Kevin's extensive knowledge extends beyond just sales, excelling in connecting customers with ideal financing solutions tailored to their needs. His knack for pairing clients with the right lenders stems from a rich blend of local insights and industry expertise. For anyone seeking comprehensive guidance in the realm of vehicle sales and financing, Kevin's unparalleled experience and leadership at our dual locations stand as a testament to his dedication and proficiency.


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